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The Isles Of Shoals Phantom Dory

by Thomas D’Agostino and Arlene Nicholson from the book, Pirate Ghosts and Phantom Ships.

Welcome to part 3 of our ghostly tales from the Isles of Shoals. The Isles have many tales of ghosts and ghoulish vessels that emerge from the thick of the foggy nights. This is the story of a boat and its ghostly tenant that still wanders the shores in search of interminable revenge.

In the early twentieth century, the Isles of Shoals... Read More

Oxford Bandstand concert series continues through August

OXFORD – Every Sunday afternoon in August is a good one to spend listening to music and being entertained by magicians or dancers. This year for the first time the concerts will be preceded by a special time for other forms of entertainment.

On Sunday, August 3, it's magic first and then music performed by the Leicester Town Band. The band was formed in 2008 to bring music to surrounding towns and some of the members... Read More

August 15, 2014 Blackstone Valley Edition
August 1, 2014 Rt. 395 Edition

Molly Hollibaugh was only 11 years old the first time she participated in Alternatives’ Valley Friendship Tour and the 25 mile bicycle ride she took alongside her father was pretty challenging for a child. Through the years, Molly has returned to the Tour, Alternatives’ signature fundraising event, many... Read More