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7th Annual Webster Lake Ice-Out Contest

WEBSTER - Einstein is back! The Webster Lake Association is sponsoring its 7th Annual Ice-Out contest. Proceeds will benefit the Webster Lake Association and the Webster Education Foundation.

Einstein will be placed in Lakeview Marine Cove on Saturday January 18th at noon. There is a forty pound weight attached to him. When the ice melts enough for the weight to drop into the water an attached rope will set off the timer. The winners will be determined by whoever guesses closet to the exact month, date, hour and minute. Tickets are $5.00 and entrants must be 18 years old. This year the prize money is to be a total of $4,000.

1st place prize is $2,000, 2nd place prize is $1,000, 3rd place prize is $500 and 4th and 5th place prize is $250 each. In the unlikely event of a tie the prize will be divided equally. Last year's winning time was March 25th at 12:42 pm.

Tickets MUST be received no later than midnight February 15, 2014. Tickets are available through outlets at Lakeview Marine, Point Breeze Restaurant of Webster and Pro Automotive of Dudley . You can also Play Online by visiting the Webster Lake Association website at  using Pay Pal or your credit/debit card. Additional rules are also posted on this same website.

Main sponsor Point Breeze Restaurant of Webster made a generous donation of $1,000 to support this year’s event. This is their 6th year sponsoring the event.