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Three baby giraffes in three months

MENDON— 2014 is clearly the year of the giraffe! Three giraffes, a female and two males, have been born at Southwick’s Zoo since January. Two of the calves are being bottle fed, so the Southwick’s zookeepers certainly have their hands full this year.

Daisy, a female, was born on January 11th. The mother giraffe, Dottie, was unable to feed the calf, so Daisy did not receive colostrum. Colostrum is a type of milk that is very important in building immunity, so Daisy was transported to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Grafton, MA where she remained for a week. Just a few weeks later another giraffe, Maisy, gave birth to a male calf on February 19 th. Unfortunately she did not allow the calf, named Rocket, to nurse, so he is being bottle fed by Southwick’s Zoo staff. On April 3, a third male calf was born (photo). This calf, named Max, was born to the zoo’s female giraffe Pinda. Pinda and Max are both doing well. Pinda has proven to be a nurturing and protective mother. (photo by Southwick staff)

Southwick’s Zoo will be opening for the 2014 season on Saturday April 12. The baby giraffes will be on exhibit depending on the weather.